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You have to understand that myths are not just belief systems

If you pick through them and look at their patterns, you would see that a lot of them actually hit quite close to home. This should not be a surprise because myths, at their core or at their most basic, are simply recordings of the human experience.

If you have a Mouth

Chances are you would know how to talk, and if you know how to talk, you probably have the basics to sing. If you have feet, and you can walk, chances are you have the basics where you can, if you choose to, dance.

Our point here is if people are able to tell stories

then they are able to create myths, and this shared ability isn’t restricted to some sort of historical or cultural period. This ability means that people are telling the same stories in different forms and different contexts throughout all of human existence. If you think you have something new, if you think that you have some sort of narrative approach that enables you to tell stories in a completely different way, you might want to think twice because there’s really no such thing as originality.

The only point of Differentiation

However, is that certain memories and experiences were written while everything else died with the people who remembered that event. I can’t emphasize this enough because it may seem like you would come up with some sort of idea that you think is just so new and so earth-shattering and quite mind-blowing that humanity, in all its history, hasn’t thought it up.

Well, You Might Want To Think Twice

Because the only difference really is the fact that your idea is recorded and documented while the thousands of other versions of that idea simply died with the people who came up with them because they didn’t bother to write them down. Do you see the difference here? Do you see how this is an issue? Myths are simply recordings of the human experience. Whatever you’re feeling now is not new. Others have felt it before. Others were challenged by the same issues that you’re facing now.

Record of this Collective

Wouldn’t it be nice to tap into some sort of record of this collective experience with whatever is challenging you in the here and now? This is where Greek myths come in. The bottom line is that they encapsulate the conflicts of the human mind and spirit. Whatever emotions you’re going through, whatever challenges and setbacks you are struggling with have been felt by many people before you, and the good news is when you look through Greek mythology a lot of the core issues are identical.

The Form is Different

Of course, you don’t wear a toga. You don’t live in a building that has columns, but, by and large, the same intense emotions, the same levels of confusion as well as the need to realize one’s purpose in the world are identical to the issues explored by classical Greek mythology.

We Can Find Ourselves in Ancient Myths

The main thesis behind mythesgrecs.com is the simple observation that if you want to, we can find ourselves in ancient myths. It doesn’t really take much effort because a lot of this stuff is very well written. A lot of these mythologies were actually verbally passed from generation to generation until somebody somehow someway over several hundred years later decided to sit down and write it.

As you can probably well imagine, a lot of these myths suffer from the distinct biases and historical timeframe in which they were written. When somebody takes something verbal and reduces it to written form, they are influencing the substance of that material.

With that said, a lot of this material is actually classic because whatever issues you’re going through or whatever challenges you find yourself in, it’s already been talked about. It’s already been addressed. It’s already been agonized over, and you just need to look through the recorded materials to see that you’re not alone. You’re not alone now. You’re not alone in the past because somebody has walked a mile in your shoes and then some.

Myths resonate throughout history

Because human beings, if we’re really honest with ourselves, haven’t changed all that much. Sure, we have mobile phones, tablets and automatic self-driving vehicles. We have jet planes that travel all four corners of the globe in a ridiculously short period of time. We have ships that can carry tons of goods from point A to point B. We have the miracle of the Internet.


However, if you cut through all of that, we’re still driven by fear. We still are looking for love. We’re still tormented by lack of validation and acceptance. In other words, when you look past the cosmetic details, human beings really haven’t changed all that much.

Greek Attitude to Passion

This is the big thesis behind the myths that we not only share but celebrate on this website. You can get insight on the power of passion. The interesting thing about the Greek attitude to passion is that they hated it. They think that when people let their emotions get the better of them, reason and logic go out the window. Now, it’s easy to think that this is a good idea. It’s easy to conclude that the Greeks were onto something.

Greek Myths

However, it’s one thing to say it; it’s another to actually do it. While this attitude is the official attitude of the Greeks, especially the inteligencia and educated class, in terms of actual practice, people were basically just maddened by passion. Not much has changed. Which highlights the fact that as awesome as reason is, it does have its limitations, and you can see these limitations play out in Greek myths.

Greek Mythology

Finally, what I find personally interesting about Greek mythology is the fact that they can be reduced to Jungian archetypes and myths. There is the archetype of a leader. There is the archetype of a father, a mother and so on and so forth. By categorizing all the personal drama as well as the behavioral patterns of certain characters, you actually get to predict how they would respond in a particular myth.

Purely Academic

Purely Academic

You might think that this is just a purely academic talent or exercise, but it actually has practical implications because if you’re able to apply archetypes to people in your life, you might practically be able to predict how they would behave in certain situations. Really powerful stuff especially if you want to become a natural leader, or if you want more authority in particular areas of your life.


Dog Christmas Costumes: Christmas Holidays Clothing For Your Dog

As Christmas is a season of giving gifts and spreading cheer, getting a holiday dog clothing is more like the ideal kind of clothing you can purchase to add beauty to the season. There are different costumes that you can find online and in various pet stores within and outside your locality, meaning that you can easily acquire dog Christmas costumes for your beloved fur baby to ear during the yuletide season.

Right before you think too much of the design and the kind of the holiday pet clothing costume that you will acquire for your fur baby, it only gets interesting when you know some of the great costumes that are available for purchase in the market. By having knowledge of the costumes, you are sure to have some form of idea on what design you can expect for your dog costumes for Christmas.

So what are these excellent designs? Well, the elf dog with pompoms is top of the list. This costume includes a matching attached collar and a tunic just like what you see on an elf clothing. In addition, you will find a matching pointed hat and four cuffs that suit this particular costume. The main color of this costume is green and the pompoms used to adorn the costume are red in color.

Furthermore, another holiday dog clothing that is most sought after is the Santa dog costume. The costume is more like a holiday dog sweater it is more like the costume that most poles wear during Christmas. The main costume color is red and it is with an additional scarf and black belt. The hat looks quite appealing and it is pointed with a pompom at the tip, which is white in color.

Finally, on this list for the most popular dog Christmas costumes is the Shalom dog costume. This holiday costume is one that your dog will be comfortable wearing, it comes with a blue scarf and headdress, similar to the one renowned with Jews. The blue scarf is with a David star that is printed on it. The main color of this costume is white and it beautifully adorned with laces and ruffles.

LoL Accounts for Sale: This Is What You Need To Do

Due to the competition involved in League of Legends, players always look for the shortest way to win and come on top. Most players need to quickly get to Diamond level and boast about it to other contestants. Unfortunately, this is not easy to attain, and you must be ready to devote time and efforts, and that is why purchasing lol accounts for sale is considered as the fastest way to accomplish this feat.

Due to the start of the new season, numerous players are presently participating in placement matches and are attaining a new feat and position. To enable you to achieve your dreams and reach the level you have always dreamt of, we have created some unique tips and tricks on how you can improve as a player and reach a higher level at the shortest time.

From how to choose the champion to how to win consistently, there are numerous things you can work out to enhance your game. If your wish is to reach the Diamond level or above, then you need to devote extra effort, time and energy to achieve your dream.

The essential thing that you must know before you reach the Diamond level is the system referred as a ranked ladder. And you must also learn about the operation and workability of lol accounts for sale.

Today, there are seven leagues available, despite the fact that we were captivated by the original five; Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Gold, and Diamond. Each league (apart from the Challenger and Master) can be narrowed down into five divisions, occupying different positions from V to I.

The closest region the player can access is Bronze Division V (Also known as Bronze V), and this is considered as the hardest place to leave. In reality, it is tough to leave this spot and move to a higher level. The entire Bronze league has transformed into what is referred as ELO hell – though many people do not agree to this fact. To achieve your task, endeavor to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.

Pokemong Go Account: Why Would You Need To Buy One?

One reason why many people are shopping for Pokemong GO account is time. Many gamers believe that they must attain a higher feat and be the best in any game they play to boast to their other peers and competitors. They just desire to be the best in everything they do, and they love to compete with other people. Due to this, many gamers have devised means to achieve their goals by paying people to improve their ratings on their gaming account yearly. This has made the online games to prohibit these activities after they discovered their destructive practices and have placed restricted on the business of account sale.

One of the reasons why gamers purchase a Pokemon account is because they have interest in the game. Most time the gamer devote lots of time to play and secure some fascinating Pokemon and most of them are hard to capture. In reality, most people are busy and don’t have enough time to play this game.

Pokémon Go Account Selling: where can one purchase an Account?

If you are looking to buy a Pokemong Go account, look for people who are willing to sell theirs. You can check Craigslist and other online outlets for listings on Pokemon Go account. However, if you are considering other options, you can look out for the Pokémon GO accounts on eBay. The accounts have been incorporated with items and with top-level Pokemon. This is why many gamers opt for this because they have more chances of getting to a higher level and achieving their feat within a short period. Additionally, one website (PlayerUp) deals with the sale of safe and secure Pokemon account. They put up the Pokemon account for sale.

Before putting a budget in place, you must be aware of the fact that the higher your account level, the increase in the price rate. This is because an increase in the Pokemon Go account will result in your chances of catching high-level exotic Pokémon that can be left at the Gyms. On eBay, you can get the level 20 account for $250.

Criteria for Choosing a Great Heat Press

To choose the best heat press machine, you have to determine your goals, preferences, and interests. Apart from the numerous models available – Stuart John wrote an article covering different heat press models – both the temperature and the size of the plates at which you imprint your design are very important. Some heat presses come with additional features at a higher price rate, but they are not strictly recommended for starters who are getting acquainted with the heat press machine.


To ensure a successful transfer, the factors to consider are the temperature and pressure. And this depends on your substrate which includes paper, vinyl, rhinestone and the materials used for the transfer (fabric, ceramic). It is recommended to use different ranges of temperature. Another thing to take into account is to ensure that the maximum temperature of the device can perform the task efficiently.

Also, check if the temperature can be adjusted and the specified temperature is the original template of the heat plate. You can detect this with the use of an infrared thermometer.


One of the factors that limit some projects is the size of the heated plate. The heating platform and the transfer paper or vinyl used determines the capacity of your project. You can’t imprint a full chest image on the press if the press has a smaller size.

However, that doesn’t imply that bigger devices are better if you desire to transfer the small design onto a sleeve, for instance, a more modest model is the ideal choice. Choose the size that works well for your project.

If you plan to execute numerous varieties of projects or not sure of your choice, bigger might be the best to consider.


If you plan on buying a t-shirt press machine for small or big businesses, you might discover lots of additional features. For starters, these might seem unideal while for others it is the perfect way to accelerate the manufacturing process. The best way to get the ideal tool is to opt for the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Swegway UK: Important Precautions You Can Take

You have just acquired a brand new hoverboard – a self-balancing two-wheeled board, to be precise, but you are probably wondering about so many things. Like, will it explode? It’s normal for everyone to have that fear, because of the numerous incidents of hoverboard exploding cases that have been reported lately.  You may also be thinking where you can really ride your Swegway UK because so many places are now banning them. You have questions and we have the answers, so no need wasting time, you can begin immediately.

Check if your hoverboard is genuine.

There is no surefire way to acquiring a “genuine” hoverboard, there are some best practices to take, like purchasing from a renown overboard maker. Swegway, IO Hawk, and PhunkeeDuck are three good options. Razor’s Hovertrax is another good option. Basically, any company that considers safety as the major priority is very likely to be more “genuine” than just anything you will find on eBay or Alibaba coming in from China.

If you are also buying from a major online seller like Amazon, make sure Swegway UK is sold directly from the manufacturer and not a third party.

Don’t Abuse Them

In the beginning, you may find yourself constantly hitting a thing with the Hoverboard or even falling down. Hoverboard has the ability to handle most light bumps, but it’s not really a tough device that should go through stress.

The major reason why hoverboards are exploding seems to be related to battery issues. Hoverboards uses lithium-ion batteries _ the type used in laptops and smartphones. So when you mount, fall and hit an obstacle with a volatile battery in it, you are adding to the likelihood of a fire.

The Swegway UK, like all vehicles and every other personal means of transportation, there is a need to treat it gently. Do not attempt any trick with it. Do not try to jump over stairs with it. It is structured to glide you gently along a smooth road. Do that alone.

What You Ought to Know About the Best Garage Floor Paint

When you are about to paint the floor of your garage, you might want to choose the best garage floor paint possible.  One of the reasons why most people paint their concrete floors is because they want to reduce the dust and to keep it crystal clear. There are stains of grease, oil and tire marks on the floor of most garage floors. However trying to apply any type of coating to a garage floor is so much work and it doesn’t really work at all times. So many experts do not recommend the application of any class of paint to your concrete floor.

Several people want to attempt to have the best garage floor paint applied, regardless of the chances that the floor may peel. Some many people do some repairs on their car in their garage and they want their floor to look like the floor of a showroom. In this case, they will want to put the best possible coating to make it look great and also prevent the floor from the grease and oil spills that happens sometimes.

The best way to protect the concrete floor after applying the best garage floor paint possible is to scrub it thoroughly in case you have any spill of any type. Epoxy finishes are not difficult to maintain and also be kept clean. Concrete flooring experts will advise you that it easy to apply the paint or epoxy.  To give your floor a very different look, you can sprinkle some paint chip that are supplied epoxies on to the floor while it’s drying. The difficult part is preparing the floor. And then when the floor is painted and has dried up, you have to wait several days before attempting to drive on it.

Localisation Portable – How to Trace a Mobile Number

We have had some publications earlier that are similar to the topic of geolocation but this one is different the tips in this article you should be able to get the knowledge of carrying out localisation portable and also be able to track the location of mobile numbers as well the identity of the SIM card holder and their exact location. The only thing you need to be able to achieve this within seconds is the mobile number.

Incidents may occur where you will need to trace the SIM holder’s name and mobile number location, for instance, if a friend has given you false information, this method will allow you to get their exact location. Also if a particular number is disturbing you often, you will be able to find out the name and location of the person using the number.

This article will give you all the information you require to be able to trace the details of a mobile number in several countries of the world. If you are looking for how to trace localisation portable and name of the owner, here are steps you should follow:

Tracing Mobile Number Location by Name- Necessary steps

If your mobile device is Android, then you must have been aware of the popular Truecaller app.  In this case, you really do not need an android phone, all that is requires to carry out this task is a laptop, tablet, PC or any other device that permits internet surfing. Just connect to the internet and follow the steps

To start with, visit the Truecaller website http://www.truecaller.com, choose your country and then fill in your mobile number in the search bar.

After putting your mobile number, you will have to sign in through Facebook/Google account to trace the phone number.

When you are signed in, you will be able to trace all phone numbers locations and the phone owner’s name to get result.

Top 4 Essential Items for Having a Baby

If you are waiting for your first baby, the items on the list you need can get out of control if care is not taken.  And the choice can be overwhelming if you are a first-time parent. Some Mums and Dad are talked into acquiring the most current gadget at a very expensive rate and they most times do not end up using them. A nice place to begin with essential items for having a baby is to ask friends and family about what they used the most and what they will advise.

Here are some notable points to consider when you are buying the top big ticket items;

Pram: Pick a lightweight brand that is very easy to fold down. You should also consider how much space it will consume when you place it in the boot of your car. There are some prams that can function for lying down as well as an upright stroller which will save a whole lot. You have to also consider if the pram comes with a fitting for another child because this will help should baby number two show up.

Baby Car Seat: you will definitely need a rear-facing capsule for the newborn baby. Though depending on the law for your state or country, it is very like that your baby sits in that capsule for around six months or more before graduating to a forward-facing booster seat

Cot/Crib: if you are keeping your baby in your bedroom to start off, you can use a bassinet or baby hammock when they are still very small. You can also put your baby straight into the Cot/Crib if you don’t mind. If you are bothered about your little baby being in a big cot you might have to consider using a Safe-T-Sleep wrap, this will allow you to keep your baby in a safe position comfortable enough for sleeping.

Baby Carrier: one of the handiest items for your new baby can be a baby sling or carrier. They give your new baby comfort and also keep your baby close to you while your hands are completely free.

Kik Usernames Finder: How to Use Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is a social app that keeps you connected to people. You can chat, play games, and surf the web even without leaving the app with Kik Messenger. With a Kik Usernames Finder, you can look up the usernames of potential kik friends. Here are few steps on how to use the Kik Messenger with its numerous amazing functions.

  1. Download Kik Messenger

Open the Play Store or App Store on your device and download the Kik Messenger. Once the app has been downloaded and it’s done installing, open it and register a Kik account. You will have to input your first name and last name, and the create Kik username and then enter your existing email address and password. Kik will then request your permission to upload your contact to see which of them are already using Kik messenger.

  1. Chat with your friends

Click on your friend’s Kik username to chat with them, then start typing in the ‘Type a message’ field. You can also select from the collection of emoticons that allow you to express yourself during the discussion. By clicking ‘+’ you will be able to upload pictures from your gallery as well as take a picture with your camera, sketch, add links, add stickers, and create memos. You can also add YouTube videos and top sites as well.

  1. Add Your Friends by their Username

To discover your friends on Kik is pretty simple, just tap the talk to button in the top right and then type in your friend’s username. You can then send your friend a message you can also save them to your contact list. The Kik Usernames Finder is another that is great for this purpose.

  1. Browse the Web Without Leaving Kik Messenger

One out of the numerous feature of Kik messenger includes its ability to easily browse the web without the application. If you swipe left, you will see the search button bar on the top left, it is as easy as that to browse. You can browse all your favorite sites there.

What is the Best Heat Press?

Want to put your logo/design on cups, T-shirts and more objects? You may want to make a surprise for your heartthrob, or you just may be thinking about starting a T-shirt business…..It is easy, but first, you have to opt for a heat press machine, also known as heat transfer machine! There are several types of heat press machines, therefore which one is the most appropriate heat press? Read here for a well-detailed review of some of the most efficient and effective designs.

Mophorn Heat Press Machine

If you wanted to ensure efficient, quality and accurate t-shirt printing results, you have to invest in the correct equipment that meets up with your needs as well as unique printing requirements.

This machine happens to be a high-class press machine measuring 30 cm by 24 cm especially made to produce t-shirt printing and creating custom stuff like license plates, mouse pads, tote bags and easier and more convenient.


Here are sets of outstanding features exhibited by this product:

  • This machine lets you produce your custom t-shirts as well as other fun items such as tote bags, mouse pads and more.
  • Swing away design that lets users rotate the upper heat plate at approximately 360 degrees around the heating element to carefully move aside.
  • This is also accompanied by a full-range and sturdy pressure-adjustment knob that prompts pressure to be effortlessly adjusted depending on the width of materials that is being transferred. This promotes the quality of finished transfers.
  • Also, the Mophorn Press features raised upgraded lower pattern leaving room for the t-shirts to be positioned in or taken out of the machine easily.

The Mophorn Heat Press Machine represents a very good machine for both pros and starters. This can be easily put to use and also guarantee effective and efficient results the easy mode. The timer is accurate, and it heats up the way it is supposed to be.

Best Pocket Radio Reviews: A Look at One of the Best

Personal Radio happens to be a compact radio that one can easily carry along while walking to school or work or running in the morning for exercise which keeps you occupied along the way with news, music, or any radio channels you want to tune to. Having your own radios can be likened to you being your own DJ since you can change to any music you like and also stay on any channel you like. That explains why we would like to recommend that you go to 10bestie.com to read reviews of the top 10 best personal radios for 2017 if you like one in case you are a music lover and you need something one can easily take with you while on the move.

Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Personal Radio

The Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Personal Radio is one that you can trust for the most appropriate radio. It possesses a big 200mm ferrite antenna that provides you with the best AM reception that you have ever listened to. In addition, this powerful and light radio can be powered by the included batteries or AC adapter that can be put to use. With 10 Memory Presets for 5 PM or 5 AM station picks, this personal radio can be visible on the big LCD display that also possesses the auto seeks that automatically find your active stations.


  • 200mm Ferrite AM Antenna (Allows Best AM Reception)
  • It has Auto Seek Station
  • LCD Display with Backlight (It is easy to Read)
  • Exceptional Reception and Stereo Audio Performance
  • Electable Stereo/Mono Switch
  • 10 Memory Preset, Stations (5 AM, 5 FM)

Owning the best pocket radio is highly useful, whether you need it for an emergency reason or you are a person who is normally on the move. Pocket radios prompt listening to songs on your own, or with a lot of people if you are not a fan of uneasy earbuds, a lot easier.

Louis Vuitton Bags on Sale: Essential Money Saving Tips

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular brands in the world of fashion. If you have plans on getting one, it is very vital that you know that Louis Vuitton products can’t be gotten on the cheap. You need to do some things if you have any design on by buying a Louis Vuitton bag on the cheap, though it may be very difficult. You can be very certain about the originality of Louis Vuitton bags on sale at high-end departmental stores and LV outlets due to the fact that they don’t sell anything other than authentic Louis Vuitton products.

First, you have to take all the time in the world to comb the internet to check if you would be able to get a Louis Vuitton (LV) bag on the cheap. You have to be extremely careful when combing the internet due to the fact that there are a lot more fakes on the internet that will most certainly be sold for the price of an original bag.

Next, you may want to visit an auction website such as eBay. You are likely to get individuals that are in the business of selling second-hand goods. There is every likelihood that you will see a budget-friendly and affordable Louis Vuitton handbag. Right before making the purchase or paying ensure that you confirm the originality of the bag.

There are a lot of handbags that one can get the market for you to pick from however if you are worried about buying the best, it is suggested that you search for further than a bag from LV (Louis Vuitton). You may want to go to their boutique, just so you can pick your favorite style and color. It is very important that you always remember that the internet is a viable option for you if you want to get cheap handbags.

Finally, it is essential that you don’t forget that you can get one of the most common handbags when you get a Louis Vuitton. You don’t have to necessarily pay the complete price since you are going to come across Louis Vuitton bags on sale that is affordable and cheap.

Wireless Routers Review: Evaluating the Features of Wireless Routers

A lot of people just ‘plug and play’ with their wireless router, however a wireless routers review is very important for you to know the Wi-Fi standards and bands of your router, its features as well as its own classification so that you will be able to arrive at a capable wireless router that will meet your needs.

Wireless Router Features

Wireless routers normally differ in cost when they have more whistles and bells and nifty features. Features like security, router range, software designations, and connection quantities, among other features can all impact upon a router experience positively and negatively.

Router Range

The comedic irony and tragedy with a 5GHz band are that it can really limit the range of your router, as the higher frequency is more prone to obstacles. To improve your chances of a quick connection, you will require the combination of fewer obstacles and a compatible device for the band to contend with. 2.4GHz bands do not normally suffer from such a ‘prima donna’ attitude and are less prone to distance and obstructions. Putting all things into consideration, with both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz over the same distance and with no disturbance, the 5GHz one will be faster.


Routers that have an ‘N’ classification can aid an optimum of 30 connections, while ‘AC’ routers can aid approximately 100. This possibly explains why the ‘free Wi-Fi’ in the café is very slow, as everyone is trying to connect to the wireless router and this is overwhelming in the process. While 30 connections are likely more than adequate for your house, if you are running a small establishment with a few staff and frequent clients all trying to connect, you might have to upgrade your wireless router.

Security and Software

Routers themselves serve as a form of firewall basically by adding another ‘link in the chain’ for potential attacks and hackers to be occupied with.

These are a few of the features you can expect on routers available these days. Of course, all routers should also let you alter the password provided to you to one of your choices.