Criteria for Choosing a Great Heat Press

To choose the best heat press machine, you have to determine your goals, preferences, and interests. Apart from the numerous models available – Stuart John wrote an article covering different heat press models – both the temperature and the size of the plates at which you imprint your design are very important. Some heat presses come with additional features at a higher price rate, but they are not strictly recommended for starters who are getting acquainted with the heat press machine.


To ensure a successful transfer, the factors to consider are the temperature and pressure. And this depends on your substrate which includes paper, vinyl, rhinestone and the materials used for the transfer (fabric, ceramic). It is recommended to use different ranges of temperature. Another thing to take into account is to ensure that the maximum temperature of the device can perform the task efficiently.

Also, check if the temperature can be adjusted and the specified temperature is the original template of the heat plate. You can detect this with the use of an infrared thermometer.


One of the factors that limit some projects is the size of the heated plate. The heating platform and the transfer paper or vinyl used determines the capacity of your project. You can’t imprint a full chest image on the press if the press has a smaller size.

However, that doesn’t imply that bigger devices are better if you desire to transfer the small design onto a sleeve, for instance, a more modest model is the ideal choice. Choose the size that works well for your project.

If you plan to execute numerous varieties of projects or not sure of your choice, bigger might be the best to consider.


If you plan on buying a t-shirt press machine for small or big businesses, you might discover lots of additional features. For starters, these might seem unideal while for others it is the perfect way to accelerate the manufacturing process. The best way to get the ideal tool is to opt for the one that suits your needs and requirements.

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