Kik Usernames Finder: How to Use Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is a social app that keeps you connected to people. You can chat, play games, and surf the web even without leaving the app with Kik Messenger. With a Kik Usernames Finder, you can look up the usernames of potential kik friends. Here are few steps on how to use the Kik Messenger with its numerous amazing functions.

  1. Download Kik Messenger

Open the Play Store or App Store on your device and download the Kik Messenger. Once the app has been downloaded and it’s done installing, open it and register a Kik account. You will have to input your first name and last name, and the create Kik username and then enter your existing email address and password. Kik will then request your permission to upload your contact to see which of them are already using Kik messenger.

  1. Chat with your friends

Click on your friend’s Kik username to chat with them, then start typing in the ‘Type a message’ field. You can also select from the collection of emoticons that allow you to express yourself during the discussion. By clicking ‘+’ you will be able to upload pictures from your gallery as well as take a picture with your camera, sketch, add links, add stickers, and create memos. You can also add YouTube videos and top sites as well.

  1. Add Your Friends by their Username

To discover your friends on Kik is pretty simple, just tap the talk to button in the top right and then type in your friend’s username. You can then send your friend a message you can also save them to your contact list. The Kik Usernames Finder is another that is great for this purpose.

  1. Browse the Web Without Leaving Kik Messenger

One out of the numerous feature of Kik messenger includes its ability to easily browse the web without the application. If you swipe left, you will see the search button bar on the top left, it is as easy as that to browse. You can browse all your favorite sites there.

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