Wireless Routers Review: Evaluating the Features of Wireless Routers

A lot of people just ‘plug and play’ with their wireless router, however a wireless routers review is very important for you to know the Wi-Fi standards and bands of your router, its features as well as its own classification so that you will be able to arrive at a capable wireless router that will meet your needs.

Wireless Router Features

Wireless routers normally differ in cost when they have more whistles and bells and nifty features. Features like security, router range, software designations, and connection quantities, among other features can all impact upon a router experience positively and negatively.

Router Range

The comedic irony and tragedy with a 5GHz band are that it can really limit the range of your router, as the higher frequency is more prone to obstacles. To improve your chances of a quick connection, you will require the combination of fewer obstacles and a compatible device for the band to contend with. 2.4GHz bands do not normally suffer from such a ‘prima donna’ attitude and are less prone to distance and obstructions. Putting all things into consideration, with both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz over the same distance and with no disturbance, the 5GHz one will be faster.


Routers that have an ‘N’ classification can aid an optimum of 30 connections, while ‘AC’ routers can aid approximately 100. This possibly explains why the ‘free Wi-Fi’ in the café is very slow, as everyone is trying to connect to the wireless router and this is overwhelming in the process. While 30 connections are likely more than adequate for your house, if you are running a small establishment with a few staff and frequent clients all trying to connect, you might have to upgrade your wireless router.

Security and Software

Routers themselves serve as a form of firewall basically by adding another ‘link in the chain’ for potential attacks and hackers to be occupied with.

These are a few of the features you can expect on routers available these days. Of course, all routers should also let you alter the password provided to you to one of your choices.

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