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A lot of people are under the impression that Indian water purifier technology is a simple importation of technology from another place. Usually, this involves European design with the actual manufacturing taking place in a particular location in India or, worse comes to worst, China. As you probably already know, the Indian government is not exactly the best friend of the Chinese government.

This continental rivalry between the two biggest players in Asia go back hundred of years. These are two culturally strong countries. These are two countries with thousands of years of history and cultural development to back them up. They have a lot of pride, and this all takes place in an intercontinental rivalry.

It would really be very hard for the Indian economy to import Chinese products as eagerly as the Americans. That’s just not going to happen. There is a certain pride for everything and anything related to India and, unfortunately, a lot of this doesn’t really favor the Indian consumer. It doesn’t really do them any big favors.

How come? Oftentimes they end up paying a premium for stuff that’s made in India when they could’ve bought something for dirt cheap. The only drawback is when they turn the product around or look at its base it says” Made in China”.

Whether we like it or not or whether we accept it or not, people have a certain impression of stuff made in China. Many people actually think that if something is made in China or is made from Chinese parts then the quality of the product is something to be concerned about. This really is too bad because China has stepped up its quality lately. It really has.

What accounts for this? Well, it all really boils down to mythical self-definition. The Chinese have a specific myth about their culture. The easiest summation of this would be the phrase “Middle Kingdom”. That phrase pretty much tells you all you need to know about how Chinese view themselves historically and their definition of their culture as far as the world is concerned.

Indians, on the other hand, have the same kind of impression. They see themselves as a technologically advanced country. In fact, a lot of the world’s breakthroughs regarding science and math originally came from India. A lot of these were filtered through Islamic countries and converted to Arabic script, but the essence came from India. Do you see this rivalry?

Well if you are looking for mythical Indian water purifier technology, you have to check it out here because this water purification system really highlights the modern realities, intricacies as well as complexities of Indian, Chinese and European mindsets. It’s really an international collaboration of European design, Chinese manufacturing and Indian demand and specific cultural needs.

This is how you create the best Indian water purifier. In fact, nothing comes close to it. It does such a good job almost all the time that it has reached mythical proportions. This is not hype nor is it wishful thinking. This is reality.


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