A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Coverstitch Machine

You most definitely have observed two or three rows of stitching on the hems of stretchy dresses, T-shirts and other knot wear. There is no doubt that coverstitch machines created durable and accurate finishing. These devices are initially designed to hem stretch materials like spandex, Jersey, rayon and lycra. If you interested in stitching garments like a pro, Milanclothing has some good recommendations for some great coverstitch machines that are capable of handling your project. When choosing a coverstitch machine, it is important that certain features are given some consideration, including thread and coverstitch capability that suits your needs, as well as threading, sewing speed, and Product warranty. We covered all that you ought to know in our research. This information will assist you when making decisions on the machine you choose when you go shopping for one.

It is important you are aware of the fact that not only the Singer Professional 5 14T968DC high quality gives impressive results. There is no doubt that it is very durable and reliable but it was designed to serve two purposes. The first is to make makes that are capable of stretching and the second is overcasting in order to prevent the materials friend fraying at the edge. This machine features a wide array of stitch options for decorative edges, sewing seams, cover hems, hems, rolled hem and much more.

This unit operates at an amazing speed of stitching, about 1200 stitches per minute. This speed makes it possible for you to get projects done easily and quickly. The easy to use features of this unit include an automatic tension system. By turning a dial, you select the chart to choose a tension. You are provided with professional finishing in the 2-3-4-5 thread capability. It can trim excess allowances, finish a seam and also see the seam. This feature will help you saving time. Adjustable cutting width and length provides you with sufficient space to get creative and the multipurpose server comes with a wide variety of accessories like the multifunction foot, serging knife, spool caps, clean pocket and much more

Other than all the benefits, we discovered that most users complain about the auto tension of the unit. They keep on mentioning that while they are busy sewing some layers of bulky fabrics, they machine automatically makes ugly stitches. Nonetheless, this unit is praised by more accomplished sewers for its excellent work with heavy and thick fabrics, so it’s best to say that the performance of this unit solely depends on the experience of the user.

This unit on purchase comes with a 25 years warranty. The brand Singer has a good reputation in the market for its reliable products. The singer Professional 5 14T968DC will assist you in adding classy finishing to garments, home decor, and other products.

With all the information gathered, our opinion of the Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is that is the best coverstitch machine on the market. We made this choice because of its high-quality features, most especially it’s threading and coverstitch capabilities.

If you have a limited budget to work with, pay close attention to the Brother 2340CV and Janome CoverPro 1000CPX. The latter offer great value for money and the former is quite affordable. If you are prepared to invest in the future of what you do, opt for the Singer Professional 5 14T968DC.

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