Best Cold Air Intake Reviews – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

For an automotive performance enthusiast who is more of a beginner, one tempting proposition they should be aware of is the air intake kits. Majority of these kits are quite affordable, easy to install and they offer substantial performance benefits, read details here. Most especially in vehicles that are turbocharged, but not all kits are similar. Short ram intake kits and cool air intake kits are different in terms of their design as well as in performance, so before you jump into an offer when you go shopping for a kit, you need to educate yourself on certain things.

  1. Does the Intake Include a Thermal barrier?

Intake system be designed to get their air from dense, cool source, however, is the intake does not have any form of protection from thermal contamination, the power gain will be minimal. When it is fabricated from a material that is heat resistant, materials like composites or plastics, such as carbon fiber, they tend to have an impact in the intake temperature, more like a thermal married coating, just like those that are fabricated from ceramic or Zirconium.

  1. Does the Intake make use of an Oiled Filter Element?

It is important you are aware of the fact that oiled filter elements offer decent filtration, but they are prone to causing Problems when it all comes down to air metering devices like mass air flow units. On normal use, microscopic particles of oil ten to contaminate the airflow meters and over a period they cause malfunction or failure. Vehicles with mass air flow units that stick with an intake that makes use of dry filtering element, will experience a reduction in trouble down the road.

  1. Is the Intake CARB approved?

Most especially for those that are living in California, California Air Resources Board exemption order or CARB approval us one very important area to look into. Any modification on the exhaust or intake system of a vehicle that is operated on public roads must be certified and approved to not affect or inhibit the vehicles emissions control. What this means is that in California, the intake system is expected to have a CARB exemption order number, else you may have your car impounded or you may be fined

  1. Is Water Ingestion a Concern?

In areas with high level of rainfall, cold air intakes that take air from the bottom half of the bumper or from the fender well may be a risk of taking water in if the vehicle is driven through water that is much more than few inches deep. Companies like AEM provide a bypass valve for preventing the ingestion of water through their cold air intakes. However, there are other than making use of a two-piece design that permits the conversion to a short ran intake by having the lower portion removed in order to prevent water ingestion. If perchance the intake does not in any way include any of these features and you live in an area with regular rainfall, it is important that you are careful, else your engine will bear the damage.

There are various benefits that a cold air intake system offers, but similar to any modification, you need to be very careful when choosing the product or the engine may be damaged. Cold air intakes are regular modifications that different companies offer, thus majority are designed with the agenda of making profits and not reliable performance, safety.

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