Digital Water Timers – A Look at the Best Water Timers

It is important you are aware of the fact that programmable water timers assist you in effectively controlling the watering duration and frequency as well as provide good watering from a hose. Analog and Digital hose faucet timers for simple programming include LCD screens. Common features of the programmable water timers include the ability to set watering times, set a clock, frequency adjustment, and automated preferences.

A lot of property owners have chosen faucet timers to ensure that they are stuck with dead plants because it escaped their mind to water them for a couple of days. As well, there is no dirtier looks and hassle from neighbors after you forget to turn off your sprinkler system. Now you can have the faucet timers programmed to automatically turn on and off.

Let’s take a close look at 2 of the best-reviewed water timers.

Orbit Digital Water Timer

Orbit is our favored shut-off water timer, and they come in different valve configurations. It features an LCD that is very large compared to other options in the market and the screen is readable, irrespective of the small size of the 13.6 oz water timer. This water timer features solid controls for adjusting the watering duration and frequency, rain delay together with manual watering capabilities to ensure maximum conservation of water. It is powered with two alkaline batteries and it is important that you know that if purchased they are not included; you are expected to get them separately. The manufacturers boast that they are upwards of 3500 on and off cycles which can be configured with this particular unit.

Different users have complimented this digital water time for its low price and easy to use navigation system. It is not a complex system and it is not complicated to use. Most landscape artists at some point were able to set up schedules very quickly. It is not to be overstated that the use of scheduling and simple interface is one of the interesting features of the orbit digital water timer. Users do not forget using complex analog units that were cryptic in terms of setting watering schedules up. The orbit digital water timer is a quality unit with various solid reviews and positive feedback.

Melnor 4-Zone Digital Water Timer

Majority of the Malnor 4-Zone Digital Water Timer users were pleased with the straightforward and simple programming system.  This allowed for quick installation and easy setup and a yard watering system that answers to the needs of the user. The 4-Zone system sees to it that most users program watering schedules that work for various contexts and plants including gardens, lawns, shrubberies, and trees, as well as flowers and potted plants.

A consistent complaint that is expressed by the Melnor 4-Zone Digital Water Timer users is about the durability of the product. Many users express that the water timer was used for just one season before one of the zones ceased to work. On the other hand, some other users expressed that it took less than an entire season, actually a month before a zone ceased to work, thus causing damage to gardens and plants.

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