Framework And Applications Of GPS Tracking System

One of the very advanced and useful technologies mankind has ever invented is Global Positioning System which you’ve heard as GPS. It is a radio-navigation system which consists of 27 outer space satellites and some of the land satellites. GPS is used for tracking down someone’s location in the real time as well as it can give the location details of the past if it is saved in the framework that simply means you can track where you were last night.

GPS can be installed in any device or object like a laptop, mobile phone, vehicles, dog collars, etc. Once it is installed then you can track the real-time location of that object or device from your computers and mobile phones. It is the same technique that you are using while tracking your food delivery guy and cabs.

Its framework

In simple words, if we explain GPS tracking system is more like an expedition of data from the satellite to device, the device to satellite and then satellite to tracking software, it’s a long journey.  In technical terms, it’s a process of transmission of signals. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network holds up the GPS tracking system. In this, the network of 27 satellites transmits a burst of microwave signals to the GPS device which contains the data of the location, vehicle’s speed and direction, mobile phone’s call, and texts, etc. These signals are then processed by the GPS devices, which can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional. To calculate the real-time information, a GPS device needs two things, viz. at least 3 satellites to track the location and distance between the GPS device and satellite.

Its applications

Military – GPS tracking is widely used by the military itself, they use this technology for tracking unwanted signals, logistical support, force deployment, vehicles or any device for the safety purposes and prevention from terrorism and attacks, for circum-navigation and signal jamming.

Cars and Devices – Major part of GPS production goes to them; today every mobile phone, laptop, and almost every vehicle has a GPS tracking system in it. You can track your kid’s and old parent’s location and your lost device by using the tracking software. For more information, you can visit You can use this device to track down your courier truck, food delivery boy, cabs, etc.

Mining – GPS tracking system is very useful for the mining industry as they use it for laying out the maps and checking the places that where they can find minerals or metals. Also, it is used in the construction mining for laying virtual roadmaps through the mountains before even they start digging.

Aviation – Key behind the success and development of the aviation sector is the GPS. It is not only needed for tracking remote location but also in their every task and body like area navigation of flying deck or airport, velocity altitude and speed in jets and airplanes, etc. It provides excellent working and prevents accidents in mid-air and at airports.

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