Locate Your Mobile Phone With The Help Of Free Of Cost Services

With the help of Google maps, people are getting genuine help in finding their lost or stolen Android devices in a hassle-free manner. This process will help you to provide exact coordinates for your mobile phone. Furthermore, you will also get an opportunity to delete all the exclusive data from your device if in case you can’t get your phone back.

If you want to know more about the services of Google in this regard then it is advised to log on to https://gpshandyorten.de. You will be able to know about the working of the device manager for Android mobile plus you will also be able to learn the procedure about how to recover your android mobile phone with the use of Google photos.

Some services at your disposal

Mobile recovery through location history of Google

The timeline feature of the service will help the user to look at the places he or she had visited with the help of the mobile phone. Plus you will also be able to access the route which you had chosen to reach a particular destination. To access your mobile phone you have to follow a few preliminary steps which are as follows:

  • In the initial phase, you are expected to open Google maps, you are then expected to click on the more button which will help you to access several other important options.
  • Inside more button, you have to select the timeline on which you want to look for the places and routes of your visit.
  • You can choose from exact date and month to view the route pattern and places which you have visited.

This service will ultimately help you to get an idea about the places you’ve been during the time when your mobile phone got stolen.

Locate stolen mobile with the help of the device manager

With the help of the device manager, you’ll not only be able to locate the exact position of the mobile but the service will also help you to delete data on your phone. This feature will prevent a thief from doing various fraudulent activities over the internet. On the contrary, this service will also give you help in resetting the pin number on the screen of your mobile phone which will make it way too difficult for a thief to access the device.

Android phone recovery through Google photos

With the help of Google recovery, you don’t even have to avail a premium membership. During preliminary steps, you are advised to install Google photos on a mobile set. Then you are advised to log on to your Google account. Then you are expected to open the photo application provided by Google and switch on the sync button. While you are availing the service it is recommended to turn off the option of back up and use high internet speed modem or WI-FI.

Once the process is done in an effective manner, Google will start to collect updated photographs and use them for server uploading. This will help you to locate the precise location of your handset in a cost-effective and convenient fashion.

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