Print Great Designs On A Plain T-Shirt

There are many people who prefer to print trendy designs on their plain t-shirt for different purposes. In Melbourne, there are many printing companies which use different techniques and methods for printing various designs on t-shirts. These designs are durable and long lasting and help you to get ready for every other party event. If you want to get high-quality print last for a long duration, then you can use the screen printing method for T-shirt printing Melbourne.  In this, fabric ink and stencil is used to make print different designs on the plain t-shirt.

Benefits of the screen printing method

It is one of the fastest ways to print the designs on the t-shirts. If you want to complete a large order of t-shirt printing then you should use screen printing. Different colored inks are used to create great designs on t-shirts. You can use any fabric for printing the designs easily. A thick layer of ink is used to print various designs so that it does not get removed or damaged even if you wash your t-shirt frequently.

Vinyl cutting

Also known as heat transfer vinyl, this method uses a vinyl cutting machine which cuts the pieces of clothes as per your designs and then they are transferred to a heat press in which the design is placed over your t-shirt. The heat and pressure of the machine prints the design over the shirt. These designs are famous for their long lasting results. They are durable for a much longer time than any other printing method.

Different uses of customized printing


If you are looking for something that you can use for marketing of your brand or product then you can consider customizing the t-shirt with the brand logo or company name printed on it. The businesses can get these t-shirts customized and use it as a dress code for the employees. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business.

Develop team spirit

You can also use the printed t-shirts for launching your sports team. You can print your players and related sports name on the t-shirt and use them as the dress code for promoting your team. It also aids in establishing a good relationship among the players and helps in team bonding. Wearing the same t-shirt with the game clubs logo not only promotes the club but also maintains a uniformity in the team stating that each member is important for the team.


There are many agencies that give the logo printed t-shirts as a reward to their selected customers. You can get some t-shirts printed with the company’s name along with graphics so that the t-shirt looks nice. Many agencies also use the printed t-shirt as a reward for impressing their customers.


If you want to give unique gifts to your loved ones, then printed t-shirts are considered as one of the best options. You can choose different designs and thoughts and can change the entire look of a plain t-shirt. You can also print the picture of your loved one on the t-shirt and make them feel special.

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