This site is all about helping modern people find themselves in ancient stories.

Our main thesis is that human beings, despite all their modern trappings and attitudes, really haven’t changed all that much. We still need love. We’re still struggling with fear. We have issues with pride. There are many random things happening in our lives, and we are often caught unawares by them, and they show us just how vulnerable we are.

All of these themes, and then some, are constantly repeated in ancient Greek mythology.

This mythological record can offer us quite a bit of information about not only how people thought and reacted in the past, but they can actually hold up a mirror to our modern consciousness, so we can get an unvarnished look free of any hint of denial regarding our personal reality. This is really important stuff if you are willing to put in the time and have a tremendous amount of attention to detail because Greek myths eventually are just recordings of the human experience.

Despite the cultural differences, despite the huge gaps in time, despite the immense disconnect between technological levels, ultimately, when we read through these stories, we can’t help but feel humbled because despite all our claims at cultural, social, political and legal evolution, deep down inside, we end up in the same place. Deep down inside, it seems like we’re just chasing our tails regarding some deep uncomfortable truths that we really can’t seem to square with our other ideas.

The Power of Archetypes

This website also devotes a tremendous amount of time and resources exploring the concept of archetypes.

We really find this amazing because it makes for a great literary critical device or tool to make sense of ancient Greek mythology. If you know a thing or two about archetypes, and you know how they work, and you apply it to any kind of mythological work, you can see conclusions. You can see connections, and it makes the whole process fun. You’re not simply looking at the story at face value. You’re not just basically get pushed around by the story’s elements. Instead, you have this grid that you place the story on, and it goes a long way in not only making the story more understandable to modern readers, but it can actually make valid predictions based on patterns. Really powerful stuff.

The Power of Narratives

Every human being is a creature driven by narratives.

In other words, you tell yourself a story about who you are and your place in the world. This forms your identity. Interestingly enough, most people are not conscious about this, but they actually engage in a lot of self-talk. A lot of this talk ultimately gets internalized, and this is where things get real.

For example, you stubbed your toe and you called yourself an idiot, and you keep repeating that, don’t be surprised if you start behaving like an idiot. By the same token, when you see a nice car, and you say to yourself, I can’t afford that, some guys are just lucky. I just lost out.

Well, don’t be surprised if that negative thought pattern has a directly profound impact on how you behave and what results your actions produce in the real world. That’s the power of narratives, and we see that in play when we analyze Greek mythology.